Social Bookmarking (Thing 15)

I’m still not quite able to envision the social environment that can be created by means of Delicious, but it certainly holds promise.  I have taken the time to upload all of my previous bookmarks and to add more tags to them.  I’m hoping that this makes managing my many bookmarks far easier.  It certainly allows for better cross-indexing.  I have not found the interface to be completely intuitive, and still prefer my bookmarks toolbar for my favorite sites, since I can be sure that they will always be visible when I need them.

The biggest advantage for me so far, has been with managing my Google Reader.  Tagging interesting links from my Reader gives me a sense of completion that simply starring them didn’t.  When I starred items, I felt burdened by an obligation to return to them at some undisclosed later date, since otherwise they wouldn’t bring me any benefit.  Tagging them makes them easily available to me when I need them.  So, for example, if I want to edit a video, I can now just go to my “Video_Editing” tag to access all of the sites that I’ve heard about instead of embarking on a mind-numbing search through all of the starred items in my Reader.  For this reason, I would recommend that Shelley move the social-bookmarking week earlier in the curriculum.

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  1. To “socialize” your delicious experience, consider creating a shared tag with colleagues (to share resources), or with students (to collect resources)… if you all use the tag, you can easily benefit from each others’ finds.

    Also, use delicious to search for resources, not just save them… the fact that you have access to all of the users’ bookmarks means you are able to benefit from the socially collected (and TAGGED — you are right about the importance of tagging!) resources of millions.

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